Samsung Product Update: SND-3080 v SND-3082

SND-3080 camera

SND-3080 to be replaced

The Samsung Indoor SND-3080 camera is soon to be discontinued, stock is now decreasing and the new SND-3082 is it’s replacement.

Main changes with the product are as follows:

The SND-3082 camera offers multistreaming capabilities, which allows the footage from the camera to be displayed at different frame rates and with different compression for recording, live web viewing and mobile viewing.

True day night capabilities have now been added to the 3082 version of the product. This means that footage recorded at night will be taken at a high quality (in comparison to software day night).

Bidirectional audio is now standard with the SND-3082 cameras, its predecessor did not offer this feature.

The SND-3082 offers 802.1x authentication, another useful security feature for the camera in addition to its HTTPS(SSL) login authentication, Digest login authentication IP address filtering and User access log.

SND-3082 also consumes less power. The SND-3080 consumed a maximum of 8W in comparrison to the maximum 6W that the SND-3082 utilises.

The SND-3082 is compatible with the new Samsung web interface which should improve usability and installation of the camera.

Find the SND-3082 here

SND-3080 cameras can be found here